Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jazz Fest Day 6 - Bill deTurk's Tips and Picks!!

Good Morning!!  Can't believe it's already the last Saturday of Jazz Fest!!  Here's the next installment of Bill deTurk's Tips and Picks for the 6th day of Festin'!

Jazz Fest Tips – Take time to check out the amazing indigenous art in the Folk Crafts Area.  When you have nothing on your music schedule, go to the Fais Do Do Stage.  When you need to get out of the sun and sit down a minute, hit the Gospel Tent, although not sure how long you will be able to stay in your seat.  And number one tip is to master the “walk by”; face it, there is too much truly fabulous music, so “walk by” and check out an act for 10 minutes or so as you make your way to another mind-blowing destination.  Everyone have a great day and enjoy the world’s greatest music and heritage festival!

Jazz Fest Picks - Day 6 is nothing short of the kind of embarrassment of musical riches you can only find at the world’s greatest music and heritage festival; If I listed all of my picks today, I would never make it out to the Fairgrounds.  Brother Tyrone & the Mindbenders (11:15 Congo) – This guy just has too much soul for this time of day.  N.O. Cottonmouth Kings (11:15 Economy Hall) – Six sevenths of the group you formally knew as the Jazz Vipers.  Smithfield Fair (11:25 Lagniappe) – Scottish fare in case you missed the Highland Games.  Marcia Ball (12:30 Acura) – Non-Louisiana pick of the day... She really does not live here.  AsheSon (12:30 Jazz & Heritage) – Band members from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala.  Baritone Bliss (1:20 Jazz tent) – If you like the bari sax.  Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars (1:55 Acura) – Louisiana Pick of the Day.  RAM (2:00 Congo) – More Haitian sounds.  Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (3:25 Gentilly) – New Orleans’ latest international music star.  Allen Toussaint (3:35 Acura) – Nothing I can say can do this man justice.  Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters (4:15 Blues) – Tower of Power funk driven by a unique Louisiana voice and guitar style.  Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show (4:15 Lagniappe) – The Bard of New Orleans and superstar sidekicks.  BeauSoleil (4:25 Fais Do Do). The first worldwide French-Louisiana music superstars.  Aaron Neville’s Gospel Experience (5:50 Gospel) – An angelic voice and heaven-hopin’ tunes.  Jimmy Buffet (5:25 Acura) – I want to be him when (if) I grow up. 

And always remember if you can't make it down there you can listen to all the great music on WWOZ 90,7 FM on your radio or online!!!

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