Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Orleans Post Super Bowl - Post Mardi Gras

It's only a taken me a year to get back on this thing, but I'm back on with a vengeance....

This will be a daily report on all things free in New Orleans, practically free, or what the hell - you should just pay for it - cause it's a really excellent event. I try to focus mostly on the free events (used to be a lot more events pre-K) but hey, it's still out there.

So....what's going on today you might ask. The answer is it's Wednesday, and I'm really not sure I feel like doing much today, but if the weather doesn't rain on my parade, I believe I will be headed over to Harrah's Casino (cause we got a coupon for a free buffet - hey, remember this is about the free). Do you want a free buffet too? Not a major problem, sign up for a Harrah's Total Rewards card - gamble about $10 a month and they'll start sending you all these really free cool coupons...for real!!

After the ginormous (is that a word?) buffet, we may head over for some free "live local music". This amazing music event is happenin' at DBA at 7 p.m.- none other than the Tin Men with Alex McMurray and Washboard Chaz (yes, there will be a washboard - yea!!) will be playing some amazing music. Very cool, yes? - so, if you're in NOLA check it out.

Signing off for now..... If you have a minute, check out my new website - Nola Pub. It's in the beginning stages, but I'll have some good stuff on there about the real local bars in New Orleans.

Stay tuned for more free party down events....(tomorrow is a whole new day).

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