Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuba Fats Tuesday! (One More Fest b/4 You Rest!)

Did you really think it was over??  Come on...this is New Orleans and all.

One more fest...before you rest.  Of course tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so forget about it!

Tuesday Events

So, today is officially Tuba Fats Tuesday! It's happenin' at Tuba Fats Square on the corner of St. Philip and Robertson in Treme. There's gonna be FREE food and FREE live music featuring Treme musicians Kenny Terry, Benny Jones, Uncle Lionel and the Treme Brass Band - Wow!!

You can also head on down to the Spotted Cat for a full evening of fun and music on Frenchmen Street in the Marigny.  Here's the line-up....Brett Richardson at 4:00 pm, Jerry Jumonville at 6:00 pm, and for you night owls Smokin' Time Jazz Club at 10:00!

And of course, more for you crazy night owls - startin' up around 10ish...it's REBIRTH!!! (Rebirth Brass Band that is) at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street for the usual and always funky Tuesday night gig.

If you want more...check out the listings at Offbeat....But don't get too crazy (or should I say "loco") cause tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo...so save it up for some latin fun manana!!

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