Monday, May 17, 2010

It's American Craft Beer Week!!!

Happy Monday, and yes it is....cause it's Beer Week and here's the lowdown....

17 events around the city in 15 different bars and restaurants!

Here's the full city schedule:

• Monday 17th, 6pm - The Avenue Pub (Abita Cask Conditioned Ale And Tasting)
• Monday 17th, 5pm - Bulldog Midcity (Stone Tasting & Keep The Pint)
• Monday 17th, 6:30pm - Barley Oak, Mandeville (Abita Cask Conditioned Restoration Ale)
• Monday 17th, 8pm - 45 Tchoup (Brooklyn Sampling)
• Tuesday 18th, 5-7pm - Barley Oak, Mandeville (Brooklyn Lager Keep The Pint)
• Tuesday 18th, 7pm - Barley Oak Mandeville (Full Sail Feature)
• Tuesday 18th, TBA - Scarlett O'Hara's (Beer Dinner With NOLA Brewery)
• Tuesday 18th, 7pm - Rendezvous (Covington Brewhouse Strawberry)
• Tuesday 18th, 5pm - Lagers In Metairie (Abita Select Tasting)
• Tuesday 18th, 7pm - Bulldog Midcity (2 Abita Casks, Restoration & Jockamo)
• Tuesday 18th, 9pm - Bulldog Uptown (Sam Adams Imperial Series Tasting & Keep the Pint)
• Tuesday 18th, 8pm - DBA (Abita Tasting & Keep The Pint)
• Tuesday May 18th 10pm - Le Bon Temps Roule (Abita Sampling & Signature Pint Night)
• Wednesday 19th, TBA - Capdeville, before & after "Wed. In The Square" (NOLA & Sierra Nevada Tasting)
• Wednesday 19th, 5:30pm - Ernst Cafe (Session Feature)
• Wednesday 19th, 7pm - Monkey Hill (Bayou Teche LA-31)
• Wednesday 19th, All Day - Rendezvous (2.50 Abitas)
• Wednesday 19th, 7pm - Bulldog Uptown (Abita Cask)
• Wednesday 19th, 8pm - Ryans Irish Pub (Stone Keep The Pint Night)
• Wednesday 19th, 8pm - Cooter Browns (Brooklyn Keep The Pint)
• Wednesday 19th, 7:30pm - Mellow Mushroom, Covington (Abita Tasting And Signature Pint Night)
• Wednesday 19th, 9pm - Rendezvous (Abita Sampling & Keep The Pint)
• Wednesday 19th, 10pm - Le Bon Temps Roule (Sam Adams Imperial Series Night)
• Thursday 20th, 8pm - Bulldog Midcity (Magic Hat Pint Night)
• Thursday 20th, 7pm - Bayou Beer Garden (NOLA & Rogue Tasting)
• Thursday 20th, 9pm - Bulldog Uptown (Abita Select Sampling & Signature Pint)
• Thursday 20th, TBA - The Inn On Bourbon (NOLA Tasting)
• Thursday May 20th, 6:30pm - Jacques-Imo's (Abita Beer Dinner)
• Thursday 20th, 6-10pm - Rendezvous (Harpoon and Brooklyn Tasting & Keep The Pint)
• Thursday 20th, 7pm - Cooter Browns (Brooklyn Tasting and Keep The Pint)
• Thursday 20th, 7pm - Fat Harry's (Covington Brewhouse Pontchatrain Pilsner Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 4pm - Steins Deli (Stone, Harpoon, Abita and Other Craft Beer Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 5:30pm - Ernst Cafe/Abita Pub Crawl (US Prime, WINO, Vics and Lucys)
• Friday 21st, 8pm - Bruno's (Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 9pm - Rocco's (Lazy Magnolia N'awlins Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 10pm - Door's Pub (Covington Brewhouse & Bayou Bock Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 5pm - Bulldog Midcity (NOLA and Unibroue)
• Friday 21st, 7pm - Barley Oak On The Northshore (NOLA and Anchor Brewing Tasting)
• Friday 21st, 10pm - Bruno's (Abita Sampling and Signature Pint)
• Friday 21st, 9pm - Cooter Browns (Samuel Adams Imperial Series Night)
• Saturday 22nd, All Day - The Avenue Pub (46 craft beers on tap, 2-6 handmade cask ales and over 50 bottles! Exclusive to the pub and new for this event will be drafts and bottles by Stone, Harpoon, Brooklyn, Unibroue, Bayou Teche, Rogue and; North Coast)

Whew!!  That's alot of BEER!!  For more info check out the American Craft Beer Week link - happy drinking!!

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