Thursday, April 4, 2013

Help Save Jimmy's Music Club!!

Do you remember hanging out Jimmy's as a youth? It was one of the best music clubs in NOLA...It was the first  music club I ever went to, and I was lucky enough to see bands like - Lords of the New Church, Aztec Camera and Modern English to just name a few!  Well, Jimmy needs your help..the City of New Orleans is giving him a hard time about opening up the club (imagine that?!) and he has mounting legal bills.  Come out to Jimmy's Music Club (5200 Willow St.) tonight at 6:00 pm and all weekend long for an amazing line-up of bands.

Don't Kill the Music New Orleans!!

Thursday with MC Jodi Borrello

Dave Ferrato and Tchoupazine
The Bucktown Allstars
John Autin
Paula and the Pontiacs
J. Monque'D trio

Friday April 5 MC Jodi Borrello

Cyril and Gaynielle Neville
Christian Serpas and Ghost Town with Kim Carson
Young Lords
Paul Sanchez
Jim McCormick
Claude Bryant AllStars
Bryan Stoltz

Saturday April 6 MC Larry the Punk Holmes

Jenn Attaway and The Unnaturals
The Local Skank
Stephie and the Whitesox
The Call Girls
Alexander Fly
Nuclear Choir Duo

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