Friday, April 29, 2011

Jazz Fest Day 1 - GratisNOLA Tips and Picks!

Happy Jazz Fest Everybody....GratisNOLA is gonna be a little different during Jazz Fest.

Below is your Jazz Fest Tips and Picks from WWOZ man - Bill deTurk!

Jazz Fest tips – Take time to check out the amazing indigenous art in the Folk Crafts Area. When you have nothing on your music schedule, go to the Fais Do Do Stage. When you need to get out of the sun and sit down a minute, hit the Gospel Tent, although not sure how long you will be able to stay in your seat. And number one tip is to master the “walk by”; face it, there is too much truly fabulous music, so “walk by” and check out an act for 10 minutes or so as you make your way to another mind-blowing destination.  Everyone have a great day and enjoy the world’s greatest music and heritage festival!

Day one kicks off the Fest in comparably subdued fashion; there is no one that would kill me to miss. That said, there is the usual plethora of musical plenty. Ti-Coca & Wenga Neges (12:35 at Lagniappe Stage) – indigenous Haitian music. Joe Krown Trio (1:20 at Blues Tent)– all bandleaders in their own right. Jon Cleary: Piano, Bass & Drums 1:50 at Acura Stage) – amazing N. O. piano for a British guy.  These next four picks can test your skill at the “Walk-by”; Meschiya Lake & dem Little Big Horns (3:15 at Lagniappe Stage) – charismatic siren from Frenchmen St. scene. Jeff Beck (3:20 at Acura State) – one word, guitar. Mumford & Sons (3:25 at Gentilly Stage)– non-Louisiana pick of the day. Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk (3:30 at Congo Square) – phunk is an understatement. Robert Plant & The Band of Joy (5:25 at Acura Stage) – rock god loves New Orleans. The Avett Brothers (5:30 at Gentilly Stage) – who wouldn’t want to see a bluegrass/folk/punk band. New Orleans Nightcrawlers (6:00 at Jazz & Heritage Stage) – Louisiana pick of the day.

Enjoy this beautiful day...and if you can't make it out to the Fest you can catch it online at you out there!!

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